1 de junio de 2009

Cantando a Bob - Covers de Bob Dylan (2009)

Cientos de artistas grabaron temas de Bob Dylan y
música para b(i)ajar compila alguna de las mejores versiones.

All along the watchower - U2
Seven days - Ron Wood
Rainy day woman 12 - Tom Petty
Ballad of the thin man - Sthepen Malkmus
Changing of the guards- Patti Smith
If not for you -Rod Stewart
Paths of victory - Cat Power
The times they are changing -Tracy Chapman
Don´t think twice -Odetta
Make you feel my love - Neil Diamond
Lay lady day - Duran Duran
It´s all over now baby blue-Bryan Ferry
Like a rolling stone - Beatrice Anderson
Ballad of the thin man - Kula Shaker
Blowing in the wind - Neil Young

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